Triblock UMA-20.32.08
The turret type triblock machine is designed for rinsing, filling
and capping glass or PET bottles with a capacity of 0.25 – 2.0 liters.
The absence of the stub connections
Enlarged drains that allow rapid drainage of water during sanitation process
for connecting to CIP, equipped
with cip cups
Automatic flushing of cullet (for machine operation with a glass bottle)
Adapted to installation of nitrogen injection system for filling PET bottles with still water
Adapted to installation of HEPA filters in order to provide a "clean valve" to create a "clean chamber" of the machine
The turret type triblock machine is designed for rinsing, filling and capping glass or PET bottles with a capacity of 0.25 – 2.0 liters. It is used on filling lines for carbonated and non-carbonated beverages with output of 4000 bottles / hour (2.0 liters per bottle).

The machine consists of three modules: rinsing, filling and capping. All elements of the machine are mounted on a single frame made of carbon steel, covered with stainless steel sheathing, have a single drive and are synchronized by gears. The design of the machine involves moving bottles by the throat (for PET bottles), which allows to use bottles with a capacity from 0.5 to 2.0 liters without changeover.

The design of the machine provides a "no bottle — no filling" system, which involves product filling only if there are bottles under the filling cartridges. A special mechanism provides instant slamming of the filling cartridge in case of a break in the bottle under it.

The system for transferring caps with capping heads eliminates skewing when screwing (including Sport-Loc, Smart Seal, etc.). The design of the capping heads eliminates the possibility of mechanical damage of bottles during the capping process. This condition is provided by a locking compensator (when capping with crown caps), and a special lock that prevents rollers from closing (when capping with metal caps). The required screwing force is provided by adjustable magnetic couplings (for plastic screw plugs).

The machine is adapted for connecting to a looped CIP sink for direct and reverse flow sanitation. There are no muff couplings in the design of the machine, including the capping module, which significantly increases its life cycle.

All the elements of the machine that contact with the product are made of AISI 321 stainless steel, as well as rubber and plastics, certified to be used in the food industry. These materials are neutral to all packaged products and cleaning solutions, and do not affect the quality of product preservation. The machine surface preservation is made of stainless steel and monolithic transparent polycarbonate.


- Electronic control system based on the elements of Schneider Electric, Moeller, Omron, Delta or other manufacturers (at the request of the customer). Industrial microprocessor with direct programming and non-volatile memory. Operator panel - a touch screen or a push-button station (at the request of the customer). The machine drive is provided by a programmable frequency converter. It provides smooth (with a set acceleration) start of the machine, speed control during operation and dynamic braking.

Elements of Camozzi pneumatic system.
STM gearboxes
SKF bearings
OPTEX sensors, Carlo Gavazzi, Autonix.

The machine is certified by UkrSEPRO.


The machine is adapted for connecting to a closed-loop CIP system, equipped with cip cups;
Enlarged drains provide quick drainage of water during sanitation.
It can be adapted to the installation of a nitrogen injection system, which is important when bottling still water into PET bottles.
The design of the cap feeder ensures quick unloading from the hopper if necessary (for example, while changing the color of the cap).
A special feature of UMA series rinsing module is the design of a single-roller bottle gripper. In addition, each position of UMA rinsing machine is equipped with rinsing water supply valves.
Technical characteristics
This equipment can be upgraded and adjusted to your production line
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