Filling and capping machine UMA-00.12.04
The machine is designed for filling non-carbonated food liquids
The absence of the stub connections
Enlarged drains that allow rapid drainage of water during sanitation process
for connecting to CIP, equipped
with cip cups
Automatic flushing of cullet (for machine operation with a glass bottle)
Adapted to installation of nitrogen injection system for filling PET bottles with still water
Adapted to installation of HEPA filters in order to provide a "clean valve" to create a "clean chamber" of the machine
The machine is designed for filling non-carbonated food liquids with level dosing into plastic bottles with a capacity of 5 to 10 liters and capping them with plastic screw-on caps. Output: 1500 bottles/hour. The type and shape of bottles and the type of caps are determined by the customer when ordering the machine.

The design of the machine provides the filling of the product only if there are bottles under the filling cartridges, and in the event of a break in the process of packing non-standard or damaged bottles, filling automatically stops.
The compensators provided by the design of the capping cartridges exclude the possibility of mechanical damage of the bottles.

All the elements of the machine that have contact with the product are made of corrosion-resistant steels. These materials are neutral to all packaged products and cleaning solutions, and do not affect the quality of product preservation.

Control system

Electronic control system is provided by microprocessor "Zelio" by "Schneider Electric" company with direct programming and non-volatile memory.
The drive of the machine is a programmable frequency converter "Altivar" by "Schneider Electric" with smooth speed control and dynamic braking. Provides a smooth (with a set acceleration) start of the machine and speed control during operation. The specified machine performance is shown on the display.
Elements of Camozzi pneumatic system.
- The machine is adapted for connecting to the CIP system, equipped with cip cups; -
The absence of bushing connections, which prevents jamming of mechanisms during high-temperature sanitization of the machine (instead of bushings - bearings).
- Enlarged drains that provide rapid water drainage during sanitation.
Automatic flushing of cullet (when applying the machine for glass bottles)
Adapted to the installation of a nitrogen injection system for filling still water in PET bottles
- Adapted to the installation of HEPA filters in order to provide a "clean valve" to create a "clean chamber" of the machine (has a two-tier protection and a top).

- Special attention: the machine does not require any readjustments for additional bottle sizes, due to the absence of a turnstile group and their transfer along the way inside the machine by the throat (standard bottle limits:
max F102mm, max height 350mm)
The design of the cap feeder ensures that they are quickly unloaded from the hopper if necessary (for example, when changing the color, from normal to SPORT, or Vice versa).
Technical characteristics
This equipment can be upgraded and adjusted to your production line
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